My May Favs

May favs

May is well in the middle, meaning that there is only a few weeks left till June. Meaning we are entering the middle of the year. Yikes. So fast already. Anyway beautiful people,  I thought that it was about time to show the makeup that I am loving right now. The setting, the blush and the lips. Yes, there are a few things that are making my face light up, products that are affordable and readily available. Products that because they are in most major high street stores you can enjoy money-saving promotions. Which means more money for makeup. So these are my may Favs.

May favs 1

Let me begin with Technic colour correcting setting powder. This yellow 20g tinted powder is similar to the banana setting powder that everyone was raging about. The difference was, I could not afford to pay those prices. I searched and really couldn’t find anything in my price range, I forgot about it and put my search on hold. I found this online and was tempting to try it, but was afraid of it. I wasn’t quite sure if I knew what to do with it. Whilst out shopping for makeup I went into my local beauty Base and found this beaut  for the price of £3.99, I purchased it, in hope that it would be good-bye. But I didn’t really have anything to compare so ……. but I’m liking it so far so that’s a thumbs up in my book.

May favs 4

Moving on to, Pretty Face Primer. Now I was just browsing through ebay and looking for products that I would like to try, and I came across this one. I do not know what made me put this in my basket, but it didn’t take any convincing. This primer went  for £2.48 with free p+p. I did not know what to expect and I just let the product speak for itself. Now I must say, this primer is something that I would buy again. It goes on smooth and has a slight powder finish. It comes in a 30ml tube and the product has an offish white colour with an okay fragrance. It left my face feeling primed and gave my makeup the finished look that I desired.

May favs 5

This  Matte Lipstick is another buy from Ebay £2.99 with free p+p. Some may recognise the design and those who don’t, this is Limecrime Velvetines, however this is a copy. (little did I know when I bought it) It was funny because when I opened the package and saw the box I had to doublecheck to see if I had bought the right one and indeed I had. Anyway that aside I was very happy with this product. The colour surprisingly suited me. I was always afraid that colours similar to this and pinks were to light for me. The colour is called,  Faded. It dries great and leaves my lips looking great.

May favs 3

By now you would’ve heard of Makeup Revolution. The makeup brand that has everyone taking swatches and @ makeupreveloution in hope of a repost. Hands up I am one of those to. I purchased this lovely 6g Vivid Baked blush at superdrugs for £2.50  one of my fav high street shops. I immediately fell in love with the colour and could not wait to get home to try it out. I loved, loved, loved it. It gave my cheeks the red rose and shimmer that I like. It brightened my face and gave it a warm summer glow. What I love about this, is that I can build this blush, to have a subtle look, by applying it on the brush and brushing the excess on my hand then apply, if I am looking for a day look  or I can load my brush and build it up until I am satisfied with the results. This is great for those nights out. Either way it looks fab.

May favs 2

This is the last of my Favs and I love this product from Makeup Revolution. This 13g of Vivid baked bronzer gives my face a really nice glow and can double up as subtle highlighter.  This bronzer gives me the confidence to wear it during the day without feeling conscious and looking like I am going out to party. I love having the option to load it up and give myself that holiday glow without even trying.

Well this is it. My May favs. I love these products and will be a recurring appearance on my face.


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