Byron Gold – The Affirmation EP Launch

What a night it was. What night? You may well ask, well the night that had people singing, dancing and left wanting more. The night that left us waiting 4 years before he graced the staged, the night that lifted the vibrations in the club, the night of Byron Gold’s Ep Launch, ‘The Affirmation’. I arrived, at the venue 229 near Great Portland street station and entered the empty venue with only myself, Byron, the sound guy,  his backing singers and his musicians, which there were four. Watching them run arround, I waited with anticipation as I watched the band set up. The sound man began plugging in mics and working on his mixing desk, making sure everything was going according to schedule. When the band, Byron and his backing singers where ready, I got to enjoy the making of what I knew was going to be a brilliant night. It wasn’t long before the East London Artist, who originally hails from South London graced us with a collection of music that had you on you feet and singing along even if you didn’t know the words. He wore a stylish faux leather jacket accompanied with grey jeans and a white Tee, and finished off with a pair of white trainers. Byron who always takes pride in his appearance sported a stainless steel, hand linked chain with his initials B G and a bracelet made from semi-precious Jasper stones, both customised and handmade by  Nithria handmade for you.

Byron Gold - The Affirmation (Artwork)

Like his attention to detail in his fashion style, Byron casts the same assiduity to his music. Well written pieces that melted your heart like his song ‘Beautiful’, (which remains one of my favs), and jams like ‘Stay up’ that had you wishing he was just singing for you.

A packed night with fans from all over London and some as far as Liverpool came to hear Byron delight their ears with his voice.   Byron Gold as talented as he is, was not alone, he had three beautiful and talented backing singers Antoinette, Abbie and Chanté who sang each song like it was their own, bringing the songs to another dimension. Accompanied by a full band, Byron certainly made us felt like we were in Wembley Arena. His musical stylings ranged from slow to fast jams with the added flava of afrobeats. After each song he left the crowd eagerly wondering what  he was going to delight us with next. There were lights and crowd participation. Phones were out and held high, decorating the venue with their phone glow capturing the moments that Byron had brought to each and every fan..

Being an advocate for supporting up and coming talent, Byron was gracious to give a platform to four artists that gave outstanding performances and complimented his showcase, making his night one to remember. The Launch was kicked of  by four stellar acts, that left you wondering who they were and where you could find them.  A young lady who plays guitar as well as she sings who goes by the name of Kuba,  a very talented rapper Lemzi,  a talented all-rounder, Conrad Murray and the beautiful and talented Rina May.  With these four and Byron’s show the night was one of the best nights I have been to in a long time.

Alas, like all good things they must come to an end. I was dancing and singing along from the get go and was not ready for the night to finish and it left me wanting more.  Sadly when he finally played his last song, I couldn’t believe that this fantastic night, that  took months of planning, and rehearsing was drawing to a close; but this isn’t the end for Byron Gold, his journey is only beginning and we will be hearing a lot more from him soon.

A well done and congratulations to Byron, who has proved that when you put your mind to it and you go after what you want, you will get there.


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