Move it March Challenge

Welcome to the Move it March challenge. This challenge was inspired by my last blog post The Big to do. It is about getting all the things done that you keep putting off for weeks, months or even years. Not your normal stuff but the stuff that do not deem important. Sorting out computer files, clearing that cupboard, starting that project or hobby. Unless it plays a vital role in your day-to-day lives it tends to get pushed aside and room is made for the more important stuff.


The thing is, when things get pushed aside they tend to eventually become relevant. As down the line you find that you have too many computer files and you can not remember where you filed certain things; or that cupboard is getting over crowded. When you do want to take time out to sort it out, you either get overwhelmed at the thought of spending a few hours on it or you feel as though that there is something a lot more important that you can be doing instead. Either way it gets pushed aside and you will end up with a massive of undone to do list. Bung that on top of your weekly or monthly goals and tasks and you end up with an overwhelming list that you think that you will not get through. The good news is, is that you will.


How to start?

Easy, first things first write it down. All the things that you have said you were gonna do but didn’t no matter how big or small. Get it all. Create a brain dump in your bullet journal or planner. Or on a piece of paper.

Now only you know how you work and what ways work for you. If you are still discovering what it is, well this will be a great way to help you figure it out. You can incorporate your list with your other goals and tasks and make it happen or you can set aside a time. Whether be two days at a time a day at a time or bang it out in a week. Pending on what you have going on will determine how you will organise yourself.

For me I will be incorporating it into my daily life but with the majority of the time spent working on the big to do. I also have a challenge I be setting myself for my business as I want to inject some productivity on this . It is going to be a busy and I am already 6 days behind as I just thought of this idea yesterday so I have 6 days worth of work to catch up on.

If you are looking to make a difference this month and give yourself a good head start to the first quarter of the year March is the month to do that. Don’t disappoint yourself because you failed to make an impact on your life. I have been in this boat and sailed around that island for too long and there comes a time where you just have to roll up your sleeves and buckle down. There is no magic pill or answer except that once it is done, the satisfaction that you will feel, will be immense. Remember you are in charge.


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