The big to do list

The big to do list. There is a big to do list now? Well, only if you haven’t completed all the things that you sworn to yourself that you were going to complete but failed to do them. I have had a big to do list to do for the longest time and it is only getting bigger.


How does a big to do list even happen? How did I even get there? Well it is pretty easy. If you are someone who is quite busy always got something on the go and other things always seem to pop up, it is easy to push things aside and tell yourself that it will get done later; like next week or a few days, except that those days or week gets extended to months, if at all. Especially if they are small things that seem at the time not to make an impact on what you are doing. These not so important things seem to pile up and can actually play on your mind without you realising it and until it is too later; or when you want to do something and it takes you 30 mins longer than it needs to because you haven’t done the thing that you said that you were going to do.

There comes a point that all those tomorrows are just not going to come and the only way to get them done is to get on with it. Select a day, a week or a month and make it your primary focus. Your brain will force you to abandon the idea, because it is not important so you can afford to put it off for another few days or weeks. But we have been down this road before and only when you make a decision to deal with it and stick with it is the only time that it will get done. When you do get started and finish your big to do list, you will be glad that you have started.


What has inspired me to do my big to do list is the need for another injection of productivity. Sometimes, things do not always work out how you planned for whatever reason and so the need to step it up and take it to another level comes to play. So this month (although I am 5 days late). Gona do a series called Move it March, where I plan to  get as much as I can in the month. Check out my instagram for posts.


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