Candle Review

One thing that knows how to set the mood right is candles. Be it plain white or coloured; scented or non scented; just for decor or to add ambience to an evening. Over the past few years candles have grown, especially in the handmade community. I myself do love to burn a candle here and there, so I decided to test a few candles from a few local shops. Primark, Poundstretcher, Home Bargains and Wilko. The environment in which I burned all the candles, where in a large room with the door closed part of the way.


Let me begin with Primark. I headed straight towards where the candles expecting to see the usual lovely candles they had in the past. When I reached they had completely changed their stock. I was somewhat disappointed. Now I don’t know if this was the winter ones and the have yet to change over as most of the scents were quite wintry. I struggled to find one that I actually wanted to buy. Then I found one Patchouli and Tona Bean. Even though this candle came in a stylish glass with a silver metal lining, the cold throw on this candle was minimal. I had to sniff quite hard to get any scent. So I was not too impressed. That being said even with  most of their other candles, it was the same result. This candle has a burn time of 30 hours. I burned this candle and I was really disappointed. The scent was almost non-existent. I had to call my son just to double-check. I let it burn for several hours and not much changed.


RESULT: Poor would not buy again 1/10

home-bargins-candleI purchased these Wickford and Co candles from Home bargains. I was quite excited about these purchases cause the cold throw was quite intense. The large jar which is Apricot Blossom and has 95 hours burning time. The smaller jar,  Sweet Pea and Rose has a burn time of 16 hours. With the same environment as stated above I lit the candles expecting a room filled with a glorious smell. I was yet again disappointed. The cold throw was stronger than the Primark candle, but not as strong once it was lit. I think in a smaller room, maybe the scent will be better received.

PRICE: Apricot Blossom £2.99                                                                                                                       ……….Sweet Pea & Rose £0.59

RESULT: Not as good as I thought they would be 4/5

poundstretcher-candleThis cute little candle was purchased at Poundstretcher. The cuteness of it makes you want to buy it alone. The cold throw on this little jar of candle was intense and I had high hopes for this. I do not know the burn time but when I lit this candle the warm throw filled up the room. I was pleased with the amount of scent it threw out. The scent itself is nice. I am not mad about it but it is pleasant. I found that the wick was too big and created a large pool which almost drowned out the flame. I had to pour out some of the wax, apart from that, quite happy.


RESULT: Really liked it. 7/10


This white candle was purchased from Wilko. The scent is cotton and lily which are my favourite scents. The cold throw makes you want to put it in your wardrobe to increase the fresh smell of your clothes. It is really pleasant. It actually puts a smile on my face. The cold throw on this candle is a delight and quite strong. When lit this candle fills the room with a lovely scent. I am not disappointed by this candle and it delivers. This is one of my best pics for the scent and its throw.

PRICE: £1.50

RESULT: A beautifully scented candle and at a good price 9/10


There are so many candles out there on the market some are worth it and some are not. Until you try you will never know. If you think one shop can provide a cheap candle with great throw, you assume they all can. Candles are not all created equal.


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