Are you investing in yourself?

invest-in-yourselfWe invest so much into our lives. Cleaning house, food and clothes shopping, going out with friends, family do’s. Because of this we make the assumption that we are making our lives better. To some point we are, especially if we manage to keep on top of these things that I have listed above. Investing in yourself goes beyond just the obvious and the immediate especially if you are looking to grow as a person. If you are looking to overcome certain flaws and improve on characteristics that you lack. There is so much out there to get to that point; Online, books, TV radio; they are all out there for us to drink and explore.

Some how we manage to not go the extra mile to better ourselves. We accuse time and money as the culprit to stopping us from doing something about it, when in fact it is all in our heads. There is no reason as to why we can not choose to better ourselves in one form or another. We spend time thinking about it, but end up doing nothing about it.

For myself I am always looking to improve myself, by trying to do things differently than I usually do. I tend to do it with baby steps but never seem to get much bigger than that. So this year I have made a conscious decision to plan and take action, and put my focus into achieving this goal. So I began by purchasing three books. Mindfulness plain and simple, How to be Happy and The Magic. Investing in yourself is something that is the only way we can grow and be better versions of yourself. Imagine seeing your life changing knowing that because of the decisions that you make today will enrich you in the future. I have learnt that there is nothing wrong with taking time out to better yourself, scheduling it into our daily or weekly routines. If you go and research a lot of successful people, invested in themselves. This  would be one of the things that they will be talking about. As much as we like to think so, we can’t go about life on our own no matter how hard we try. We all need help even if it comes in a form of a book.



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