The last few weeks

crim-4Ok so it is that time of year when there is only a few weeks left till Christmas and a few more weeks to 2017. 2016 has been a mediocre year not too crazy, some shifts were made but not much. Although shift made in your life is a step or steps forward towards your destiny.

unfortunately my year ended on a not to happy one with the death of my mother, and as I would obviously would’ve liked a good many years with her it was not meant to be. However, I have always been one to keep life moving as life stops for no one and if you stop for too long you will be left by the wayside and I know that she would want me to keep moving.

This day is a day where I have to make plans on what I need to do in order to stay on top of things and to also make sure I actually do them. Life has a habit of throwing its little curve balls at you, where it will take you off track for a short while because something has come up that you have to deal with. It is always good to make sure I focus on my tasks at hand and get them done, so that it will not cause me too much stress.

As per I have set out my tasks and goals for the next few weeks and then break them down. There always seems to be a mad rush towards the end of the year. It is that feeling of not wanting to have too much baggage for the new year. The need for a clean slate and a fresh door to walk through.

There are so many things that I did not accomplish in 2016 and 2015 and 2014 even 2013. This leaves me a little frustrated, but even more determined to get through 2017 with all my goals accomplished. I have started writing down what results I want, the goals and the tasks that need to be done to achieve them. 2017 is a year that I need total focus no matter what else is going on around me.

Back to this year. If I do not manage to sort out the Christmas decorations to surprise my son, then it will have to be Monday. Friday is out as he has a test for a secondary school I want him to go to and by the time that is done, the day is over. Saturday is my nieces 16th and Sunday I have a friend coming over. I feel exhausted just typing.

With life being busy and all the little things that I have not mentioned, every minute counts so on that note I shall be off to edit my second edition to my just vlogging and to film and edit my shopping haul. So please visit my channel and enjoy.


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