Book Challenge-Book Review

book-reviewAt last I have finished my first book for my book challenge. I didn’t quite make reading two books a month but I have started reading my second book. I really enjoyed reading and I can not believe I left it so long to start reading again. It is amazing how we let life get in the way for so many things. Up early going to bed late, sometimes it is work to blame , or we end up falling in front of the television. We give so little time to ourselves and  it is very seldom we give ourselves piece of mind and an opportunity to kick back and take our minds off what is happening around us.

My routine consisted of spending at least 20 minutes reading. I will play some soothing relaxing music in the background as I read and then I will delve into the book. I will concentrate on what was written on the page and not was going to happen tomorrow or what happened during the day.

The book I was reading was called Weekend Warriors by Fearn Michaels. It was about a woman who lost her daughter to a hit and run, with the driver having diplomatic immunity. It led to her forming a revenge group of women who has been wronged and found no justice for crimes made against them. In this story we read about one of the victims called Kathryn, who was gang raped by three bikers who had not paid for their crimes.

The story goes on to how Kathryn was going to get revenge. We hear of the other victims and what was done to them. As I continued to read, I learned that I would not get to learn how the others stories turned out, as they were all written in a book of their own in a series called the Sisterhood Novels. I thought I would be disappointed to learn that I will not find out about the others, instead I was quite intrigued. I have even decided to go to my library to see if I can get the books there.

I found this book to be a very good and light read, not complicated in the understanding of the characters or the story line. I liked each of the characters and felt that this story had touch truth that crossed over into the real world.

If you are looking to change the type of books to read, I would recommend this one. I’m a thriller /chiller and fantasy reader and this is a book that I would not have necessarily  have picked up, but not want to limit my reading I will continue to read all different genres.



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