More than I bargin for

more-thanSo if you read my previous post, I wrote about a new challenge that I have set myself. It is to get back on my reading game and read one to two books a month, and clear my bookshelf by giving most of them away. (Probably to charity)

So far so good I am really enjoying my challenge. I am only on my first book as I am only reading at night. After a few nights of reading I decided to put on some relaxing music. Something that is relaxing and sends my mind to another place. The music I chose is a sleep, stress relief meditation type of music. With that playing in the background, I begin to delve deep into my book. (Click on link)

After a few nights of this I began to really appreciate and enjoy the value of taking a down time before going to bed. Usually I would either be watching TV or doing work, right up to the point I go to bed and sometimes whilst I am in bed, I am still thinking of work. But taking that 30 mins plus reading whilst having the most relaxing music in the background has really benefitted me and has enabled me to have a better nights sleep.

Life is so funny like that. You are in it for one thing and you can get so much more out. It also made me realise, well I already realised but forces me to take down time a lot more seriously. My mind and body is always on the go, never really giving myself much rest of thinking of the next step. Although some might find this helpful to them, I have come to appreciate the importance of a time out. This encourages my brain to reset itself and to regain a peaceful and relaxing state until I need it again.

REMEMBER: Always remember to look after you. Listen to your body and mind and allow it to have its time.


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