Book Challenge

book-challenge-2If you are a regular on my blog or any of my social media, you will know that I am a big fan of setting myself challenges. Small challenges big challenges that are a matter of hours or a day. Challenges are a good way to give yourself a much-needed boost in achieving your goals and tasks.

This particular challenge I was going to start in 2017 and thought well why wait 2 months when I can start it now. I have a bookshelf of probably 20 -30 books. My challenge is to read all of the books and to clear my shelf by giving them to charity and some I will keep.

Why this challenge? Well when I was a little girl going into my teens I use to read all the time and I loved it. As I grew older and more invested in life my reading slowed down. I haven’t read properly for a good many years. With so many TV shows and getting on with my life I have had made no time. I actually miss reading and I will collect books in hope that I will read again but I have not made much effort.

My aim is to read between 1 – 2 books a month. As well as a challenge, it will encourage me to relax more and take some time out for myself. Whether it will be reading half an hour before bed or to take some time out during the day.

What challenges have you set yourself? I would love to hear from you.


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