Nail it

nail-reviewNo matter how rubbish your nails look, nail varnish works its magic and gives you lovely looking nails. Just a quick buff and polish; a bottom coat and your choice of colour and there you go a happy hand. I have built a small collection of essence the gel nail polish and I love every single one of them. They have great coverage and they leave your nails looking great.

My latest buy is the no make up look. They leave a powdery smooth finish and leaves your nails looking healthy and natural. You can see me wearing the pink varnish in my video haul Poundland & Pound Stretcher. They have a vast range of colours from natural to pastel to bold. Colours and glitter varnishes to suit any occassion. I purchase my essence the gel nail polish from Wilko’s for £1.69

If you wear this brand let me know what you think of it. I love it and I am looking to get more colours in this range. So if youare looking to try a new varnish, try essence te gel nail polish.


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2 thoughts on “Nail it

  1. Yes to ESSENCE. I don’t remember having bought the colour polishes but I’m in love with the top coat. I swear it’s the best top coat of all time and for the price!. My manicure last for days and days : ) xoxo

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