90 day success challenge

9090 day success challenge day 90. I have finally reached my last day and it has been a ride. 90 days of keeping my focus and getting things done, either aiming to start them, or to complete them. A mixture of work and home goals that I wanted to make some headway with.


I thought this will be an exciting way to push myself. As you know sometimes it can be a struggle just to get the basic and simple stuff done. Not all the time but sometimes. It is also easy to lose focus and motivation as we need other elements to help us achieve what we need to achieve. I have done smaller challenges like a 24 hour challenge which I gave myself 24 hours to accomplish something. Whether it was something that I have been putting off or something that I needed to finish, so I thought why not go bigger and see what I can achieve.  I also did it so I can track to see what I have done. I can get consumed with working all the time and not actually see or appreciate the work I have done, as I am consistently moving onto the next project. Working for myself by myself is a big challenge in itself and setting challenges big or small, is a way to keep me motivated and give me the actual push I sometimes need.

When working for yourself and especially when you work from home, it is not as easy as most people think. You are your own boss, you set your rules and your tasks and you only have you to motivate you to get them done and to keep to your own rules. A challenge can help you focus on such things as long as you have listed something you want to work on.


I did pretty darn well. My focus on this challenge was met with force and determination, aiming each day to be great and better than the next. I made daily lists to remind me of the things that needed to be done and to also be a checklist of the things that I still needed to be done. Some projects that needed to be started I started. Most of these projects are on going ones, so there is no finish. Ideas grew from ideas and I planed my days to be as productive as I could.

However there are a few things that I didn’t finish and some things that I am yet to start. I always have a habit of thinking that I am superwoman and it is challenges like these that need to remind me that I am not. Am I disappointed that I did not finish some of the tasks that I set out?  absolutely. I know there are pockets where I could have worked harder and differently, but that is part truth and part I can’t seem to let go of that superwoman power I believe I have. With that said and done, I was actually surprised at my attitude towards the unfinished products. I would have seen this challenge a huge failure and have not accomplished anything, even though I have.  I get into this all for nothing type of mode  which really  is not a constructive thing for me to do. But this time round I shrugged it off. I looked at what I accomplished and how far I have come and I stand proud.

The things I am yet to do can still be done. With this mindset I can focus on these other projects and actually achieve it, instead of focusing on the negative and 2017 spins around and I am yet to finish.

Now like everyone else there were days where I just can’t even, for whatever reason had some real non motivated days. It was weird, as those days came even though I had accomplished much. I was consistent, did my tasks and even surpassed some of my tasks and things were great really. Even in those bright days, the voice of doom will appear and start to tell me everything that is wrong with me and how I am just wasting my time. I gave in to those voices for a short while, it was like I knew the truth and all this work I accomplished was me kidding myself.

Those days are dark days, but I consciously decided to shine my light on myself and kept going. I did not want to give those negative thoughts any more attention. It wasn’t easy, but I did not like the road that it was taking me down and so I decided there and then to make sure I do not stray from the road that I am already on. Life tends to throw you these curve balls for no reason. If you are making headway there is always something trying to throw you off guard, do not give in to it. Stay on top of what you want and keep trudging through. I met with a lot of hurdles but I got through them. My biggest hurdle is my mindset. It can be great and get me through my days and sometimes my mindset is like a completely different person. All what I know I throw away and begin to listen to the negativity that try to bring me down. My determination and what I want out of life is stronger than the alternative so I keep going.

I will make mistakes and I will fall. I will give into negative thoughts and I will be too hard on myself. But as long as I consciously know what I am doing wrong I can consciously bring myself out of it. I can use what I know to beat down those days and those thoughts, making a habit to only breathe life into the things I want and to leave the negative thoughts as just thoughts and to not breathe life into those.

Thoughts that are left as thoughts will eventually wither and die. Breathe life into them and this will be your undoing.

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Hi and welcome to my blog. I have been a writer from an early age and I am excited that I get to share my thoughts, my experiences with the world. From posts about lifestyle, home, fashion and being creative.

2 thoughts on “90 day success challenge

  1. Well done! You have inspired me I need a right kick up the backside at the moment! So I have decided to give this a go watch out for a video coming soon. I am glad you did so well and thank you for sharing the journey! x

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