Less than two days


So this is it my 90 day success challenge is almost over. Right now I am up to my ankles sorting out those papers that you put in a bag for another day and three years and 10 bags later. Well that is me. I might have exaggerated but you catch my drift.

Challenges are a great way to help motivate and push you that little further. They don’t have to be as big as the one I have just done, but by doing them you can see what you have accomplished and what you still need to accomplish in a positive light. It also helps you keep track on your efforts, which sometimes can go unnoticed when you are busy plugging away at your work.

I  do not want to write too much and end up repeating myself on my next blog. Just letting you know that I am still on it right till the very end.

Until my next blog.


Published by Análaigh

Hi and welcome to my blog. I have been a writer from an early age and I am excited that I get to share my thoughts, my experiences with the world. From posts about lifestyle, home, fashion and being creative.

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