Walking Shoes

the-walkWhether you are on a conquest to fullfill your destiny or beat fate at its own game, your journey can not go on without your walk. Ok that might be a little dramatic, but you get my drift. You can either choose to strut your stuff like you own it or you can walk bare feet and continue to walk on thorns. Either way we are all on a journey. There is no trains or planes, no bikes or cars just you and your paths and roads. Sometimes the paths and roads will have short cuts and can be quick and others are long and arduous.

These are the type of thoughts that are needed to keep you going. The struggle is all too real and sometimes not fun at all. When the days and weeks feel long and hard, the walking shoes just want to come off and you would want to perch yourself at the side of the road. Now there is nothing wrong in resting for a short while, but how many people and how much time are you going to let pass before you put back on your shoes.

The thing about journey’s that there is only forward. Not for all the magic in the world can you go backward. If you could go back, how do you know if you have learn’t your lesson or even know what lessons that you need to learn. Sometimes we assume that we know the lessons that we were meant to learn, unfortunately, not all lessons are so clear. The actual lesson that you might need to learn might be a few lessons away, before you can get to the real one. Complex, I know, that  is why you can only walk forward and take the experiences that you have learned on the way and use them to your best advantage.

I have fallen many many times and I always manage to get back up. Sometimes I may walk down the same road more than once. Maybe there was a lesson there that I missed and I can not move on until I have learn’t it. Those journey’s can be the hardest and getting back up seems like a climb. My foot slipping with every step, my grip is strong, a sign that I refuse to give up. Struggling is futile and my energy depleates. When I settle my head and focus I clothes my eyes and then the lesson is learn’t.  I change my walking. My walking shoes is the answer my walking shoes is what I need to take me through life.

Maybe that is the lesson I had to learn, that you have to learn. It’s not just about the journey but about your walking shoes.


Published by Análaigh

Hi and welcome to my blog. I have been a writer from an early age and I am excited that I get to share my thoughts, my experiences with the world. From posts about lifestyle, home, fashion and being creative.

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