Beautiful things can still grow.

orchidsThere are too many moments in my life when I allow situations to bring up my stress levels. Business, environment, choosing a secondary school for my son, what to cook, what to wear, shopping and the list goes on and on. There are times when it is hard to find a happy or peaceful moment in a minute let alone a week or even a day. No matter how hard you try, sometimes life finds a way of beating you down. Sometimes this is our own doing and other times, it is just the way things are. However how we deal with it is entirely up to us. We can allow life to disturb our happy place or moments or we can create and hold onto them.

In life it can be just the little things that causes us anxiety and stress even if to other people they may seem small. To us they can start of small and grow out of control. What do you choose to do about it? I am always working on maintain happy moments days nad weeks in my life as we are only here for a short while. It is not easy but if you can find just that one thing to at least open the door it can grow from there.

Now the one thing that always puts a smile on my face is my son, everyday I look upon his face he makes me smile, whether he has been on his best behaviour or his worst. Without a doubt he holds my heart. Besides my son, what I find that puts an instant smile on my face and uplifts my spirits are flowers. I love the colours the shapes and the fact that there are so many varieties. I do not know why but flowers for me brings me happiness and the same goes for plants.

Not too long ago my white Orchids that you may have seen on my instagram have died. I think I over watered them. Who knows. Anyway The other day just before I attended my weekly choir rehearsals I went to the stall where I purchased my Orchid. They were just packing up when I saw them selling for £5, the same price I bought last time. As I quickly scanned I didn’t really see any white ones or at least any I liked. But I had to be quick if I wanted to get the flowers. His prices vary between £5 -£8 and I know what price I’d rather pay. As I was looking he said to me without hesitation 3 for £10 and without hesitation I said yes. He didn’t have to ask me twice. I bought three beautiful orchids (pictured above). Funny how things work out, as I am looking to fill my room with flowers especially Orchids, this was a good deal.

Flowers always inspire me and remind me to stay beautiful and pure of heart, well at least as pure of heart as I can be. They remind me that even in this world full of pain and frustration, anguish and hatred, beautiful things can still grow.

Do not look to the dark for comfort cause you will only find misery, instead look to the light always, as the light is the only way to true happiness.



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