9 days and counting

90-day-success-day-81Oh my goodness I can not believe that I have only 9 days left to my 90 day success challenge. 9 days, those 3 months went quick, a little too quickly. Each week seemed faster than the next. It’s Monday morning 10.012 and I’ve been up getting some house chores done. Sunday I spent a little time planning my 2017 goals, writing down what I want to achieve next year. Why am I talking about that now, you may think, well what I complete and get ahead in the remaining 3 months of the year will determine whether or not my goal/s will be reached. That includes the remaining 9 days.

Back to my 90 day success challenge. How have I been doing? Honestly I did not do too badly. The focus on the things that I wanted to get started or and  finished are almost reached. There are a couple of things that I need to finish and so I really need to  put my skates on. As long as I keep my focus and keep my head down I am confident that they will be done. Everyday counts and to be successful in my challenge and I can not allow any distractions to slow me down or stop me.

Meeting your goals sometimes means being tough in the decisions you make and making sure you do all you can to keep the motivation running and the focus clear. Sometimes when we come to the home stretch, we sometimes find ourselves slowing down. We some how convince ourselves, that we are not going to finish or start or achieve what we want to achieve. I say until that trumpet is blown you have every chance to do the things that you need to do. Even if it means you have to push a little harder work a little longer.

One of my goals I know that I will never reach in 9 days is my weight goal. I wanted to lose at least a stone and I failed miserably. I started off well. But I allowed my workload and focus in work to overtake that part of my goal. In fact I ended up putting on 7 lbs I didn’t even manage to at least keep my original weight. With that said. In the last month even though it was possible to lose weight by my end goal I decided to just park it. I make it another goal for another time. Weight loss for me is not a priority in my life even though it needs to be. My focus tends to be on other things that require a bigger picture.

My challenges also include other aspects of my life as well as weight loss and work. It also incuded, changing around a few things in my home. A tad of DIY and making my enviroment a more motivational as well as a relaxing one. Subcribe to my Youtube chanel as to not miss out on my DIY Vlog.

Not to dwell I believe that things will all come together in time, as along as you do not forget them and you want it to. On that note. I am signing off and getting on with my challenge.


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