Sleek new skin revive

sleek-reviewI am always on a look out for foundation. Not just for a great colour match but most importantly a foundation that does not leave my skin feeling and looking really oily. I have tried foundations that cost over £30 and by the time I have finished applying it all the oils from my skin erupt and I am left with an oily base. Naturally, my skin isn’t oily, my skin type is generally normal. On the odd occasion my nose might secrete a little extra oil, and that is mainly if I eat a certain brand of crisp and strong cheese. Apart form that my skin in good to go. I do not have flawless skin but it is not too bad as skin goes. (Although I could up take my water input).

Anyway I was searching the shops of Ebay looking for a make up to do a review, the brand I chose did not have a foundation, or at least I couldn’t find a foundation that matched my complexion. As I wanted to do a complete make over I had to opt for something else. Now I do have other foundations but I wanted to try something new. So I looked at Sleek. Now Sleek have been around since my very younger days. I use to buy the make up and hair extensions all the time. Sleek was the one. It is nice to see that they are still around.

Anyway I stumbled upon Sleek  new skin revive SPF15 in the shade Earth. This is an oil free silicone based foundation. Now buying online can be tricky especially someone with my complexion, because from past experiences my colours have been hazelnut, caramel, nutmeg in different brands. Those tended to be the names of foundations that suited my skin but for the past year or so they were coming up too light, it is as though the tints and mixture were mixed lighter. Sleek colour for me is Earth. Earth is the perfect choice for my skin and to my character as well.

If you are looking for a very natural look, Sleek new revive is the one. I did not use a sponge or a brush, I applied it like a face cream. It evened out  my skin, giving my a really natural look.  The shade is great and I am looking to get a slightly darker one for my forehead. It has got that no make up look down to  the T. An added bonus I don t feel as though I am wearing any make up at all, it is so light. This at a great price of £4.75 although prices do vary.

If you are looking for something light and natural looking I suggest try Sleek Revive.


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