When only two will do

when-only-2-will-doWhat do you pack when you are spending the night away? You want to travel light but you do not want to take all of your beauty cabinet with you. Sometimes These can be quite a hard choice to make, especially if you have a specific beauty routine. There are a few options that you can make.

  1. Take everything you need
  2. Take only some of what you need
  3. Take something else.

Taking something else and just sticking to that decision can be time-saving. If you use various products it can be quite stressful, the need to always look and feel good, making sure that you do not have regrets, of products left behind. I find Tea Tree Oil very useful in these type of situations. I recently bought these two products from super drug a foam facial wash and a cleanser and toner. With one or two pumps, this can leave your face feeling refreshed and vitalised. Even without the use of a facial scrub this product works wonders. To add to the set is the cleanser and toner. Perfect for after using the foam wash. Finish off with your facial cream and you are good to go. Great for morning and night.

I really like the Superdrug brand of this tea tree oil set and is something that is a must have when going away for short days. You can feel as though you have had your full regime with just one wash.  They are nice and compact and it is a wash that is nice to add to your beauty care, perfect from ridding your face of all the pollution and impurities.

So when only two will do why not give this a try.

To top it of I got a free gift. Who doesn’t love free gifts.



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