Go get that scrub

A few weeks ago I did a shopping haul vlog on Poundstretcher, and another one not long after that. In both of my hauls I picked up a body scrub called bio glow. The first one I tried was  aloe vera. It was such a lovely scrub, that on my second poundstretcher haul I had to try the apricot one.


Sometimes we overlook products simply because we haven’t seen or heard of them before. Unless someone has vlogged, blogged or it has been advertised somewhere, we have a tendency not to trust or believe it will be any good.

So here is a thought. How many products that are  name branded, expensive, constantly in your face, have you tried and have not worked for you. Just think how many products out there that you haven’t tried that could be perfect for you and you didn’t even know it. Now if you are someone like me, I am all for trying new things that I haven’t seen or heard of. Lets just say I like discovering things, especially when they might work and end up being  quite good. Now on my shopping haul adventure in Poundstretcher, I like to visit the toiletries section to see what they might have. Since I have been looking to get back to pampering myself a little more often, it was no surprise that I found this product. If you have seen my vlog haul I mention it there.

They both have a delightful smell. The beads in the scrub are firm and you can actually feel them when you rub the scrub on your skin. The consistency of the product is nice and whipped and it has an almost instant moisturizing feel. They both carry a delightful scent. When applying this on my body I use a generous amount and use a circular motion to make sure I cover all areas of my body. This scrub can also be used on your face.

I like to use the scrub after I have washed my body as it leaves it feeling moisturized and smooth. I then rinse and pat dry with my towel before applying my body lotion. See Jergens.

This scrub leaves your skin feeling very smooth and moisturised. At only £1 this is definitely a must try product.

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