Insides matter and insulin success

cinnamon-and-tumericWe take so much care on the outside appearance, with lotions and washes. Scrubs, exfoliating. We search for our products online in shops we test them out. Our cupboards are filled with half used bottle of stuff. Before we have even finished a product we are already filling our baskets with something new, hoping it will be better than the stuff that already works. All of that is fine, we want to look and feel good on the outside. But the real secret to looking good and feeling good on the outside is to look after the inside.

We can drink as much water for glowing skin  but that is not really the insides I am talking about. I’m talking about literally looking after your insides. Your heart, arteries, blood liver and kidney. There are so many remedies that are good for you, some you may like in taste, some you may not, but they are good for you. Take for instance cinnamon and Tumeric. Here is some of the properties that they hold.


  • Help type 2 diabetes
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

And the list goes on.


  • Medicinal herb
  • Natural inflammatory compound
  • Increase antioxidant capacity in the body
  • Helps lower risk of heart disease

And the list goes on. Taking spices and herbs is a very important factor in our diet. Some of us already use it in our cooking and salads and some use it on purpose. For example, my mother has recently become unwell, showing signs of clogged arteries, now we all know that prevention is better than cure. After feeling really unwell and numerous trips to the hospital, she was subscribed a ton of tablets, which she was not excited about taking. I mentioned that the only way to come off those tablets was to get your health in a good place. She is a type two diabetic and has a list that goes on that is wrong and is on a lot of medication.

I started making her a tea. Water, cinnamon and tumeric. I make sure she has at least two cups of this a day. Although she does have problems breathing and is on oxygen , drinking the tea, she said it really helps her breathing, it eases up and she is more comfortable. What she also discovered, by drinking this tea, she hadn’t the need to take her insulin, and her levels have been great. This is the first time in years she has not needed to take any insulin.

Overall this is a good tea mix to drink. I also drink this tea, but not as often as I should, which needs to change. One cup a day will be so beneficial.

Here is how I make it. I bring a pan of water to the boil then I put in a few sticks of cinnamon and a table-spoon of tumeric. Now, I don’t always measure the ingredients, I just make it up. You can adjust the taste by adding more or less of one. I would advise in using an old pot or buying one just for this tea as the tumeric, really stains. NO SUGAR. It doen’t make any sense in making teas that are beneficial to you if you then go and add sugar or sweetners

If you try this tea, let me know your thoughts. If you are a diabetic let me know if this affected your insulin intake.




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