Best for my skin

There were days when all I want to do is scream at my skin because it would not cooperate. It was as stubborn as I was. It would not budge. No matter what time of day it was or what the climate was, my skin always found its way to be dry. Now like a few black girls, back in the day it was all about the coco butter. Well actually it was all about the Astral cream, then came along coco butter.

Now as a child you just used whatever your mama gave ya and didn’t really focus too much on your skin. Ir was all about bath and cream. Wearing long socks as a child, by the time you took them off when you went home your legs were dry. Usually you would just assume it was because of the socks. Perhaps. Or it could be just that your skin was dry.

Now my face, arms and body were ok when it came to feeling moisturize, but my legs were another thing entirely. I had really scaly skin. My friends used to tease me saying I have alligator skin or crocodile skin, I couldn’t even deny it. Now the creams that I was using at the time, (now in my teens) were not working but I kept using them anyway. I think it was because I just accepted that I had dry legs and that was that. Now let me get this straight. My legs were never ashy dry or you could see that they needed moisturizing, in fact my legs looked really moisturized it was the feeling and the fact that my legs looked cracked. As I grew older I was getting more and more concerned about my skin. I had visions of my skin cracking and getting really sore and that they would leave blood trails. body-care

Anyway going into my twenties I use to talk about my skin to my aunt and she  recommended that I try Jergens. I use to think this is not going to work, the cream was light, I was use to my butter, this is just not going to work, so I never bothered to try it. A few years later and still complaining to my aunt she suggested I try out Jergens. I gave in and one day bought it. I never looked back, it was an instant healer, I noticed it straight away after a week or so my legs were back to how it should be.  The one pictured is the best one. I have tried some of the others and they were to watery for my skin, which was unfortunate as they have some really good products.

Also my water intake was and still is pretty poor so this will also have an effect, on your skin. The fact that my skin still feels and looks good despite of this, reassured me that this is good stock.

Jergens has a really nice smell and the lotion just seeps into my skin leaving it feeling nourished and mositurized. I can 100% say that this worked for me. I have been using Jergens for over 10 years now and is the lotion I will continue to use as long as it is working for my skin.

If you have dry skin I would recommend that you give this a try.

PLEASE NOTE: That hydrating your body is an important contributor


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