Feel the scent

I always love perfume. From the sweet aromors of fruits to the musky sexy scents. Now from a young girl I have always equated perfume with going out for special occassions or just out to the clubs. For the longest time I would fantasie about have a dressing table filled with all kinds of scents, with their fancy names and beautifully carved out bottles. Alas when I was growing up even though I still loved the thought of having a dressing table filled with perfume. For some reason adult thinking took over and I couldn’t really justify it. To top it off I didn’t really go out much and special occasions where kind of rear, so I never really bought much perfume. I did however buy body sprays. As time went on the thought of having a dressing table full of perfume never left me. Now I have in total over 30 bottles. To some people this is nothing, but for me this is a nice sufficent amount. Some where gifts some were bought. Some are cheap some are brands and some designer.

My thoughts of wearing perfume has changed and I no longer think the way I do about wearing perfume and when I should where it. Instead, I have a tendency to wear perfume just about anywhere I go. I’m going to show you my three go to everyday perfumes that I like to  wear.


Avon’s little pink dress and little back dress and Impluse True Love.

Avon little pink dress – This fragrance has a fresh scent. An armour of blended flowers with a subtle musk smell. This fragrance really puts me in a relaxed and happy mood, almost laid back and dreamy. Depending on what type of uplifting mood I want, sometimes determines the perfume I wear.

Avon little black dress – This scent has more of an evening going out ambience to it. With a mixture of woody and floral scents with an added sweetness. If going out for a meal or maybe to see a movie or the theatre sometimes I will reach for this bottle.

Impulse True Love – This fragance is so refreshing it reminds me of the cross over from spring into summer. With its fruity and floral blends that opens up a fresh scent. I find it enhances my mood and leaves me with a pleasant feeling. It is an everyday scent that I am happy to wear.



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