Facial Care

One thing that I like to do and that is to take care of  my face. It wasn’t something that I did on purpose, it was gradual and I accidentally found myself with a daily ritual. From the time I was young growing into my teens, there were talks of acne and teenagers. I didn’t want to get acne so I made sure I used the products that will help me lessen the amount of acne that I will get. So one of my first products back in the day was Biactol. For those of you old enough to remember.  I used that daily just warm water and a squirt of this orangey, pinkey liquid. Then a few years later the facial scrub came in. With its course texture and a sqirt of the liquid I would scrub my face to ensure it was clean. Needless to say it did hurt, but I grew accustomed to it eventually.

Then came Clearasil a more modern and up to date facial wash from Biactol. I switched from Biactol to Clearisil then eventually to Clean and Clear. I have been using Clean and Clear ever since and occassionally using Clearasil. I have added different products as I have discovered them but I’ll leave that for another blog. Enough about my history here is my regime.

I always wash my face with three types of facial washes. I am sure it started out with two but some where along the line it went to three. So this is what I am using, ocassionally swaping for another facial wash.


I like to start with the exfoliating scrub followed by the blackhead clearing and then the deep action face wash. I squeeze a small amout on my facial brush and work the product by going into small circular motions. I probably wash my face for about 45 seconds to a minute with each product. Washing my face three times as well as using my brush leaves my face really clean. I will then rinse my face with cold water to close the pores and pat dry. To test how clean my face is,  I will pour a cleansing liquid usually something by Clean and Clear and see how much dirt is still left on the cotton wool pad. There will hardley be any traces of dirt and then I will know my face is clean.  This is compared to washing my face once and still seeing quite a bit of dirt left on the pad. I will then apply moisturising lotion.


Some people might think this regime is extreme but it really works for me. Before I use to use the exfoiliating brush, washing my face three times still lifted quite a bit of dirt but not as much. The brush is definaetly a fundamental tool to my clear and clean face.


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