Over weight and growing

over-weight-and-growingWhen it comes to what we put in our body, there comes a time when it is entirely our decision. When we are young we don’t have a choice. Our parents buy, prepare and cook our food and usually from there we tend to follow their habits and their decisions. As  time goes on and information is presented to us, we learn so much in what we can do to live longer, better and happier. Some of us go down that path with ease others not so much and then there are those who don’t care. Either way we hold the choice in our hands.

Living a healthier lifestyle should be everyone’s choice but it is not. Although a healthier lifestyle appeals to me I just can not get to it. Being the kind of person I am I really don’t like restrictions no matter how beneficial or good they may be for me, so I find it hard to restrict myself especially when it comes to health. Bearing in mind I come from a home of cooked food rather than processed foods, that being said, process foods were not in abundance like they are now. However I do not stop trying. I eat healthy food anyway, I love my fruits and vegetables, seeds and greens. So eating healthy food actually isn’t a hard thing for me to do. What is hard is eating healthy consistently and making it a priority. That being said if someone was going to cook all my meals I probably wouldn’t have too much of a problem. Although I would like some homemade fried chicken and homemade chips at some point.

I come from a background of diabetics and I know that it is more important to look after my body  as it can affect so much of your body. I keep trying to be more healthy but the more I try the more I want unhealthy foods. Being a busy, self-employed, single mum food is literally the very last thing I think about and if I am honest with you I don’t like thinking about it. I find cooking a chore and as my lifestyle gets busier I find that I really do not like cooking, it takes up too much time when I can be doing something else. This is a habit that has started to grow as my life grows.

That being said I really have to make changes and commit to at least 3 days out of the week where my choices are healthy. My mindset has to change as my attitude towards food. Being overweight by 4 stones I can really feel the pressure on my limbs and despite I walk everywhere, I get tired very easily, even walking up stairs. I walk up and down my stairs at least 40 -50 times a day, yet every step is a burden.

I enjoy exercise and I enjoy healthy food, but my mind consistently tells me I do not have time to focus on those things when my to do lists is growing by 10% everyday. I may start off great I exercise in the morning then my day is set but I fall apart in the food department or vice versa. At some point I will have to make it a priority in my life and stick to it. I am once again at my heaviest. The last time I was at this weight was just over a year after my son was born. I din’t think I would end up back there again. I lost quite a bit of weight for my birthday last year and a year later I put it all back on and a lot more.

Weight is an issue that a lot of us have to face and is something that requires a change a change that is a life time.

I do not want to see 2017 this weight so before the next year begins, it’s time to make that change and stick to it.


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