What mascara is better? Maybeline review

I must say I do like wearing mascara. For someone who has very fine and short eyelashes without this magic stick, I will never be able to marvel in what mascara can do. It can transform your face even without foundation or lipstick. It brightens up your eyes and can make them more noticeable. It can uplift your face and is the perfect solution when you feel like a no make up day.Over time I have built up a collection of mascara’s I use to just buy one at a time and that was it. But as time went  on I couldn’t resist to see what the other masacara’s can do and if they indeed make a difference.


The two masacra’s that I have chosen to review are from  Maybeline. Colossal and Falsies. Now upon seeing the names, to me I assumed they will do the same job. Falsies are usually quite thick and plentiful and colossal means massive. Anyway I decided to test them both out.

Colossal- has a wounded and wide brush, to give it that fuller application. When applying I found that it stretches out my lashes and then curves them. Giving my lashes a longer appearance. To get a fuller and blacker look I would have to apply several layers, which when I think of colossal I think of a much heavier look.

Falsies-  have a curved brush with a flexible stick. When applying it curves my lashes immediately. It does not give the length like the Cololssal but the curve is accentuated keeping giving you the perfect curl defination. The look is not as thick as I thought it would be, but I am still happy with the results.

I like how both of these mascaras give you completely different types of curls and lengths. The only con for me is that it is not as black and thick like one of my other mascaras that I have. That being said if I want a lighter look it does the job perfectly. You can see a great difference in both applicators, would definaetly recommend them.


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