Impending devastation

impending-devastationI was watching the film San Andreas with The ‘Rock’ Johnson. The last lines in the film were, WIFE: So what now? Rock: Now we rebuild. Now if you have seen the film you will see that there is some serious rebuilding to do. California and San francisco is just devastated. The city just rubble. The death toll would be immense and those who were alive have an ordeal to put their lives back together and the after effects could take years to get over.  But those last words that the Rock said, he said it with so much hope and belief that no matter how horrific the scene looked you actually believed him.

That is what our life can sometimes feel and look like, a complete disasters. With one downfall after the next, after the next, after the next. Sometimes it isn’t always what it seems, but as the disaster glasses are welded onto our faces and our negative thoughts build up like the Towel of Babel, it can feel like our life is an impending doom.

The truth is. No matter how bad things are, how devastating or horrific or terrifying you think your life is. You have a choice to believe that it can be something better than what it is now. No you are not going to see the road as clear as you may like or the signs that are always going to lead you the way, so this is where faith, belief and hope play a major role in your life. It starts with one simple thought and bringing life into your thought followed by action. It is not always about getting it absolutely right and perfect. You will make mistakes, some of them pretty silly, you will make wrong decisions. But you will also make good decision, right decisions and no mistakes. But this only comes if you are willing to believe in yourself and the things that you do and that you are able to realise that your life is not as bad as you have built it up to be. Taking theses kinds of actions especially when you have spent months even years thinking of all the reasons why it wouldn’t work, instead of thinking of ways of why it shouldn’t  work.

Your thoughts are the beginning of something, but they stay thoughts and die thoughts when you do not speak life into them followed by taking action. This works both ways whether the thoughts that you are thinking are good or bad, positive or negative. The thoughts are not the main subject but whether or not you take the next step with them. We can not help negative thoughts so it is pointless trying not to have a negative thought, because our brain always at some point will go back to that state. Even the most positive and the most influential people will at some point have a negative thought. The only difference is the thought will die a thought, where as the people trying to get it right will breathe life into it.

You have life in you and in you, you can make things happen. So like the film see what frustrates and bothers you, see the disaster see the chaos and then come to the decision that it will not stay that way.

REMEMBER: Breathe life into our thoughts and see the magic happen.


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