Lipstick Mypick & LA Girl

For the longest time, I was on the hunt for matte make up.  Eyeshadow and lipstick. In my younger days way back when it was not a problem picking up matte make it was all good. But when I grew older all there were on the shelves in all the stores were, sparkly, shimmer  and glowy make up. It was so frustrating. All I wanted was something that I could wear during the day (for the days when I wore make up) without looking like a glitter ball. When I did find something matte it was not anything that I wanted to buy.

Fast forward a few years more and more matte make up was beginning to surface. They did not come in abundance but they were coming. So fast forward a bit more and I have found a brand of lipstick that I absolutely love, La Girl. At long last.


I adore this matte range. I only have these colours at the moment and hope to get some more. They have a range of colours and a range of shades. Colours include pinks, reds, and purples. These lipsticks are perfect for casual and for special occasions, they are highly pigmented and feel good when applying and have a long wear. They average around £5.00. These are definitely my go to lippy for when I just want to pop into my bag and go.

There are some good points to this lipstick brand.

  • High pigment
  • Long wearing
  • Good price

If you haven’t tried it yet you should.









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