7 days


Ok it is 6.00am on Friday 16th September, winter is coming and it still amazes me the transformation from light to dark, as we draw near to the last quarter. It was only last week that at this time there was quite a bit of light. The early dark mornings fills my head with visons of socks on at home, a jumper, heating and hot coco. I really don’t mind the change, it just reminds me how wonderful this glorious earth is. It is like magic. A lot can happen in 7 days, we don’t always see it coming, whether it be subtle or drastic. Whether it will be something exciting, good, mediocre or bad. Sometimes the change can come from things that we have been doing weeks or months before or sometimes just out of the blue.

Well what happens when you haven’t had one of those weeks. Nothing has changed, well at least not much to write about or shout from the roof tops. I don’t know about you but I get those days where I feel as though it is time for a shift in my life, something that makes me feel as though that this week or next week is not the same as the last 10 weeks.

Now like I said before sometimes we do not always see when things have changed for us. You can only really see it if you keep a diary or account of what you have been doing. Even then it doesn’t always spark an excitement. If you haven’t been keeping a daily or regular account of the things that you have been up to, then take some time out and think back over the past few days and write down all the things that you have done. By doing this you can see what and where you have worked on certain areas of  your life or whether or not you actually did anything to make a difference for you to have a drastic change in your life.

You really need to be honest with yourself, just because you have been putting in the hours in the past it doesn’t mean that you can have a break and expect to see change. consistency is key and throwing in some persistency as well.

Patience plays a key part in life, it can leave you a little frustrated, but it really has a major role. Seeing change in your day, week, month or year is really down to you. Like I mentioned before, set some time aside and write down what you have been doing. Look at your goals and tasks and see what you have not completed or evening started and ask yourself why. If you really want to see change in your week do something that will acquire change. It might be a book you want to start to write or a blog you want to start. A course that you want to do. These things might seem small but it is the small things that can go on to the bigger things in life. The path may not always be clear but it is always there.

The question is are you ready to do something about it?  What are you going to do about it? I have had a pretty decent week, not much in the way of obvious change or that dramatic shift but I have been putting things in place. I am re designing my Nithria website and I have started a Nithria blog for it. It may not seem like big things but believe me. I’ve been trying to start my blog again for the longest time and as for my website. It’s functional but I have a tendency for constant change. This time I’m going to stick to it until it is time for a new look a few years from now.

It is also important to recognise the things that you have done. I have a habit of not appreciating my work and therefore do not see or recognise all the work I’ve done. I recognise what I haven’t done and have spent too much energy focusing on the negatives instead of just writing down what needs to be done and getting on with it. However I have been changing how I think and putting that into action. I’m not 100 but I am getting there. Remember so will you.


Plan out a 7 day schedule and make a difference in your life. Whether to start, continue or finish something that you have been putting off. Do it straight for seven days and you will feel so much better.

REMEMBER: The path is not always clear but it is always there.


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Hi and welcome to my blog. I have been a writer from an early age and I am excited that I get to share my thoughts, my experiences with the world. From posts about lifestyle, home, fashion and being creative.

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