Working too hard

working-too-hardWorking too hard, or am I not working hard enough. The world can be so confusing at times. The internet is bombarded with Hustle quotes and you need to work, work ,work. Now that is all well and good, but with all this hard work isn’t their suppose to be results. The plan is done, the goals are set and the tasks and deadlines are being met, so why is there no to very little results. Now you’ve made best use of your time, you are doing your marketing, communicating with your followers etc. But two-three months of hard work and an adage extra 100 hours. There is no massive increase in followers or sales or likes, so what are you doing wrong?

Well I’ve been interested in this for some time as I tend to put in stupidly long hours with not much results if any at all. With this I miss out on family time, my stress levels rise and I just stop enjoying life, as I am always looking for the next thing to do. There are days how ever that I just stop and refuse to do any more work, but those days are far and few between. I’ve put in stop work hours and get on with other things like house work spending family and some down time. If I feel like doing something I might work an hour. But I somehow struggle at this discipline.

Now there are many factors that over working is not a good thing. Mistakes can happen easily, failure to work effectively, losing focus on the objective and the list can go on. Now sense says if you put in longer hours you get more work done and you should see quicker, better and even bigger results but at what cost? (See list above).

Think of this for a while. Someone has joined the vlogging or and blogging community. They have been around X amount of months and you have been doing it for X amount of years and some how, their following has surpassed you, they have comments, likes and views. So you tell yourself well they are doing something different, no they are doing the same. You might go as far as tracking to see how often they post and when they post, and it could be similar to yours. So what gives? We may never know other people’s whole regime, but there is a big part of it that says TIME, PLACE and JOURNEY. Everyone has their schedule whether we can see it or not some others maybe ahead of ours regardless how much work we put in.

So what can we do about it. Frankly nothing. Keep working hard and consistently. There maybe times where you have to put in a little extra here and there, but don’t overwork yourself and expect to see results. It may disappoint you and it is good to remember that everything has its time and place. It doesn’t mean you do not work or put in the maximum effort that you can, it just means sometimes you just have to be patient.

REMEMBER: Your hard work will pay off. You have to have patience.


Published by Análaigh

Hi and welcome to my blog. I have been a writer from an early age and I am excited that I get to share my thoughts, my experiences with the world. From posts about lifestyle, home, fashion and being creative.

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