How do you jump your hurdles?

How do you jump your hurdlesSo I was watching the Olympics. I always look forward to the games every year, Worlds, Common Wealth, European. I love watching it. I find these games to be really inspiring especially when new records are being broken, and goals achieved and unexpected records are reached. There was this one particular guy who fell  whilst doing the 110m mens hurdles. Now. This guy got up crawled under the hurdle that he fell at, then picked himself up  and continued his race even after everyone else had finished crossed the line.

Now I know that athletes are told by their coaches to always cross the finish line, but this was so inspiring. So many times we come up against hurdles. One after the other just like the race. You see these athletes jump them each time. Some even hit the hurdles, some worse than others. This is such a reflection on life. We not only come up with hurdles but sometimes we really hit them hard.

When we face hurdles we do either one of two things. We either jump over them which represents us taking them face on and without much drama deal with the problems at hand no matter how hard or long it takes.

Or we hit the hurdles. This represents attacking your problems first which subsequently leads to a lot of frustration (this can be me sometimes) and although you get through it you don’t seem to come over it with a good attitude and can leave you feeling a bit fraught.

So when hurdles come and believe me they will come they always do, it is how we deal with them is what counts. We either focus and jump over them or attack them, and crash through it.

I know which of the two I really want to do and is one part of my journey that I really need to overcome and get through it.

REMEMBER: Life isn’t meant to be plain sailing it’s about how you sail.



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