90 day success challenge day 29

90 day success day 2990 day success challenge day 29. OH MY GOODNESS Tomorrow will be a month that I have been on this challenge. I can not believe it. Wow. So far so good. I have been working every single day. Procrastination has not even been on the agenda. However I have had a few off days which has slowed me down a bit. The need to be super woman every single day is hard going even for me. My off days is just my brain telling me to slow down. This I find very hard to do especially when I am excited about the things I am doing. I just can not wait to do them all.

Unfortunately for me it results in me getting into a bad mood and pretty much not enjoying my journey. This could last from anything from 24 -72 hours. Annoying I know. But I know myself and I know that I sometimes just have to ride the waves to get to the beach.

Anyway I’m feeling really good now. More uplifted. It gets so draining feeling yuck. I think it’s a Gemini thing. It can be so hard living with multiple people. Miss Happy, Miss Frustrated, Miss so laid back. I’m sure there is a few more personalities  lol.

Anyway I have finally, finally, finally started working on the very reason why I started my 90 day success challenge. http://www.nithria.co.uk. If you follow me on Instagram, twitter and Facebook then you can see everything that is happening. I am so excited. I feel another superwoman coming along.

REMEMBER: Those uninvited feelings do snot stay forever, just as the wind changes so does your mood.

Till tomorrow.


Published by Análaigh

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