When in doubt lay it out

When in doubt coverHave you ever gone through life where, you are completing all the tasks that you set out to do, making you closer to your goals, however you feel so incomplete and you just do  not know where you are going wrong?  Most of all you feel like quitting. I do all too often. This starts to make me fear that I am not going to accomplish what I set out to do even though I am completing steps to make them happen. All of the sudden I see a long road that leads to no where. I start to doubt what I am doing and even doubt why I am doing it and I end up feeling lost and so confused.

It is weird cause this comes when I am taken action and taking steps to see improvement in my life. If I was doing nothing then that will explain it all, but when I am taking action and it leads me  to a place where I am even more confused. I am even more confused. How can one be working everyday and focusing and taking each hour as it comes planning and scheduling and also allowing a little free for all with my planning and thinking and still end up in a place, where I feel as though I have nothing planned or mapped out.  HERE IS WHAT I DO!


Simple, nothing too complicated. I just lay it all out in my head then transfer it onto paper. Get it all out and lay out your feelings.

  1. Write down how you feel
  2. Write down what feelings stands out
  3. Write down what your doubts are
  4. Write down what doubts stand out the most

On a separate piece of paper write down

  1. What will make you happy in regards to your  list
  2. Start comparing the two list and sometimes you will find there is a connection.
  3. No one knows you like you so you can break this down in two ways
    1. Take each doubt and match it with what will make you happy
    2. Schedule and plan it so that you can fit it all in without feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t stress out, take your time. This will help you regain your focus and re install your faith in yourself. Here is my list and what I did.

Remember all what is listed is a mindset that needs to be broken. When you are working hard and you are getting things done, it can sometimes put you in a uncomfortable mental position, so your brain does not like it and will  want to revert you back to how you usually are. Because no fear of failure or success lurks there.

doubts and fears 1


Do for an hour at a time (if it helps you keep focus)
1. Take away distractions
a. Answering less texts
b. Take no phone calls
c. No internet distractions.

Break things down to a point that you know you can achieve it.
2. What bothers you the most on the list
If you have a few do not worry,there is no rule where you can not work
on more than one.
3. Break it down into steps. The amount of steps
is up to you. You know yourself so work it so it benefits you.

4. Put a plan together. This could be working a new schedule putting a deadline on it. putting an extra hour at the end of your day after the dinner is cooked, kids are in bed etc. That is an extra 5 -6 hours a week. Leaving one day to rest yourself.  You might be already working with a schedule but if your mindset is shifting it is worth doing another until your mindset has changed and yo no longer have those negative feelings.

With one of my lists I have, is not seeing results. Sometimes this can be easily solved with patience. Then backed up with what can I do more to see the results that I want. Because these tasks can be quite overwhelming and stressful, the doubt and fears starts to kick in. This results in you feeling useless and incomplete. Truth be told sometimes it starts with patience then backed up with solutions.


Since mine is mainly based on feeling incomplete, behind, useless. These are false mindsets that are designed to make me not achieve what I set out.

  1. I tell myself I am wining, every single day I am wining. I use positive affirmations backed up with positive actions. I write down my positive affirmation and I meditate on it.
  2. I look at the tasks that are really bothering me and I will move them into the important category. For example. I need to finish off my bedroom. I have a few furniture items that I want to repaint. Now in terms of my business and really getting back into full force, it is not important, but in so far as my mental state it ranks higher on the list.

OPTION 1 – Start and finish my painting. Which will be great but then every thing else falls behind. OR

OPTION 2 – Aim to finish my painting in X amount of days. Which then will allow me to not fall behind on everything else.

Now I  am going with option 2 just because I am a bit behind in starting other things due to other projects taken a bit longer. But you might find option 1 is suited you.

Another on my list. Is spending more time with my child. Now it isn’t the spending time, but more of it. As it is the school holidays more time needs to be spent. I have arranged a few things but more needs to be done. This is week four and I feel as though I have done nothing with him.  So between now and rest of holidays, I will be planning more outings and indoor activities. This also ranks high because he is my child.

These feelings and emotions are just set backs. It is quite frustrating especially if you are already feeling a bit behind. There is no magic solution, only determination and pushing through. Sometimes the unconformability is pushing through when you just want to give up.

I know over the next three weeks, is going to be a challenge in itself. So a lot of self belief, positive thoughts backed up by positive action is needed. I know the feeling that I will get by completing the things I need to do will wipe out all those negative feelings and emotions that are starting to creep in.

Think of it this way. If every time you feel this way you give up. You will never move from where you are. Use that analogy to help push you through and give you that edge. Be stubborn in your perseverance.

I will update on my progress.


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