90 day success challenge day 26

90 day success day 2690 day success challenge day 26. Is here and so is the weekend. Now the weekend is a tricky one because that is the time to catch up on shopping, house work and other bits and bobs that might not get done during the week. If your success challenge is to stay on top of these things then it is fine, if it is not then there might be a tendency to skip the house work and other things that might be important in favour of doing the things you really want to do. Now there is a thing called balance although it can be hard to keep. Keep you must. If you end up doing too much of one thing, focus will be lost and the things that need to be done, end up becoming the things you dread to do.

Needless to say I am yet to master this. Simply because house chores are boring and I do not want to do them. When Saturday passes I say I have the Sunday, then the Sunday passes, and I end up spending that whole week being annoyed at myself for not doing what I need to do. Not productive at all.

Whats the plan?

Not to do everything at once and choose a few rooms that I am going to stay on top off throughout the week. i.e.

  1. Making sure the kitchen is clean before I go to bed. (This requires cleaning up after myself and anyone else in the house like say child and dependant parent)  constantly. washing the dishes or dish really helps keeps the dishes down to a minimum.
  2. Bathroom, put all toiletries away when finished.
  3.  Tidy up work area before I go to bed. When I am ready to start work the next say I don’t have to spend 15 minutes before hand clearing up.
  4.  Bedroom. I need to have a clear head, having a well made bed and a tidy room is key to good nights rest and when I wake I wake in peace and not chaos.

REMEMBER: Use your weekends wisely. Only work when you absolutely have to.


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