90 day success challenge day 25

90 day success day 2590 day success challenge day 25.  Today was a hard day today. Couldn’t work out if I’ve burnt myself out or if it’s just that feeling of feeling overwhelmed. My work flow is going great and procrastination is 0. I have even caught up on some pieces of work. But today felt hard. I didn’t even exercise and faltered with having extra naughty snacks. Never the less I pushed on with my day. It wasn’t as hard as thought it might be. However it wasn’t a day that I enjoyed. It wasn’t terrible and it didn’t suck, it was just one of those days when you feel like you are in a slump and you have no idea why?


I did not want to waste this day so I just made sure I was doing things that needed to be done. Cleaning the Kitchen and my craft room. Two of  4 rooms in the house that I  am trying to keep on top off. ( I felt a bit better after that, as it meant I didn’t have to do it later on). I edited my latest video and uploaded it onto YouTube, I even filmed a new one.

I think the problem is I feel as though I will never finish. Before I’ve even finished one thing there is 10 other things that get added to the list. With managing everything else that is going on I feel as though I am drowning, even though I am not. If I cannot get out of  this temporary rut i find a solution. I stop what I am doing and I start to focus on why I am here and what I want. I then break it down and ask myself what I want out of this day. I look at my to do list  and I take one and I focus and concentrate on that.  I push everything else out of mind. Once I have completed that task I then take another.

This way I can see what I have done, and will not feel as though I have accomplished nothing in my day. Feeling as though you have accomplished nothing even though you have, is a sure way of burning yourself out.

REMEMBER: Take notice of your accomplishments and recognise that with each step is a step closer to your completed goals.


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