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Stuck, frustrated, lost floating. If you fall into any of those categories or all of them, it is time for you to move forward. These feelings are not the feelings that you are designed to have. The problem is that all too often theses feeling present themselves to us more often than we would like. Why is that? Because it is a place that we are all too familiar with it and it turns into a comfort zone. It reminds us that stepping out of our comfort zone is a big no-no cause there is danger. Yes that is right, there is danger there. Danger of success, danger of stepping into a new you, danger of opportunities. The problem with comfort zones is that it closes the doors to all things that will be a positive outcome in your life.

Tricks, tricks and more ticks. Now. We want the positive things in life, success, achievement ect and it is quite weird to think that how can we be afraid of something that we want. I mean lets face it when we want a chocolate bar we go and get that chocolate bar. So why can’t it be that easy? Why does it have to be so complicated? Because it all comes back to the comfort zone. We want the change, we can see the change and sometimes we can feel the change but because it is unusual, it feels funny and weird we retreat.

What must you do?

You must re-wire your brain to think differently about yourself and your life.  You may want to start with questions as to why you are afraid, why you have these fears. So go ahead and write them down. Now you may not have the answers straight away, but believe me if  you write the questions down as you go on a quest to find the answers they will be revealed to you.

The most important thing in life when you are looking to move on, is to recognise the faults you have. Once you recognise those you can start the healing process and start to work on becoming the person you are meant to be.

Something as simple as writing out all what you want to achieve and writing them down on a regular basis will benefit you and install a habit that will lead you to complete the tasks and goals at hand.

Here is a strategy that you should try.

  1. Write down all your goals.  – This includes relationships, hobbies, career, friendships.
  2. Break those goals down into groups. Group A B C D etc with A being the most important.
  3. List each goal, in each group, in list of importance.
  4. Set your date to which you want to achieve each goal.
  5. Take the first goal in group A and break them down into steps and set dates in completing those steps. Continue with the rest of the groups

So how do I know what is important?

If you are struggling with what is the most important here is something that can help. After writing your goals if you can only do one of those goals what will it be? Just pick one. Take some time to think about it, but not too long. And write it down. Then do the same for the second etc.

“OK so I’ve done all of this but I can not seem to get started or even complete it”

unfortunately there is no magic way to get you started. No magic word or magic solution. The truth is you do have to get on with it. However there are tools and strategies out there to help you, but in a nutshell it is all down to you.

So what do I do?

  1. Find something that motivates you. (Mine is visual and creative).
  2. Imagine the feeling of being successful. Concentrate on what that feels like. Now  go back to how you feel now. Focus on that feeling. Practice feeling successful.
  3. See yourself in the future one where you start to take action and the other when you don’t. One will see yourself happy and smiling and the other miserable and not. Which do you prefer.
  4. Ask yourself why are you not starting? Write them down and work on each hurdle.


Always write down your goals. Everyday write down your goals. read them everyday at least 5 times a day. MAKE IT A HABIT!

Remember you are not in a race although it does sometimes feel like that. At times you feel as though you are in a race against time, for time you have lost by not taking action. Break that cycle. do it in steps.


REMEMBER: You must take action to see change in your life.


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