90 day success challenge day 19

90 day success challenge day 20

90 day success challenge catch up. Because I couldn’t decide whether to blog daily or not, I started dithering and only did some posts. After weighing up some decisions I ended up, deciding to post daily. So I spent this day playing catch up. Having written out my to do lists it helped with what I did on those days.

Olympics has already started and I am a big fan so I have to find a way to make sure I can fit that in. Secret is to not stress about it and to not get bogged down on statements like winners don’t sleep. Whilst your sleeping other people are working. I so do not agree with these work yourself to death statements. I believe in a balance especially mentally.

Even though this decision has cost me a good few hours I can just add an extra hour of work a day until I catch up. There is always a solution to decisions you make along the way, so do not get too hung up on making the perfect or right decision.

It is also important to recognise what you have done. To stop and take stock of your achievements. If you find yourself falling behind or straying away from your strategy. Then it is important to re-assess where you are and make adjustments where you can.

REMEMBER: You do not have to stick to your original plans. Be free enough to maneuver .


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