90 day success challenge day 16

90 day success challenge day 16The days seem to be rolling fast. The count down drawing nearer and nearer. My workbook is filling up with new ideas of pages to create. Pages that will help me keep track and help me to keep focus. Writing everything down is really helpful. It allows me to free up space inside my head so I can then concentrate on the tasks at hand and have a better chance of completing them. Writing things down is more than just trying to remember what you have to do, it is a great solution from brain blockage. When you get those days when you have loads of things to do but still can not think of one thing to do. Brain blockage.


You have way too much information in your head, all racing to the front to try to get done so you can then stop thinking about it. Your brain  does not know how to form an orderly line and so you end up getting confused and your focused is lost. When you write them down and sort them in order of importance, you can then shut the door to all your other things that you need to do and concentrate on all the things that need to be done.

Sometimes it might take a little while to shut out the rest of the noise in your head as they keep pushing to the front yelling at you that they are next and that it is their turn to be dealt with. Keep looking at your list and start working on them one by one.

If it helps. Take 5 mins in silence or with some relaxing music and focus on the one task at hand. Tell yourself that this is the task that needs to be done. Visualise the actions. See yourself doing it and completing it. After your time is up, go straight and get to that task.

REMEMBER: The aim of the game is to maintain focus so that you can achieve the tasks and goals that you set out for yourself.


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