90 day success challenge day 14


90 day success challenge day 14

How am I feeling?

So the full second week and I am feeling quite good. Little doubts try to sneak its way in, but I squish them by regaining my focus and looking over the things that I need to do.  I also reflect how my previous efforts over the years have made me feel and as I do not want to o back to feel like that, I push forward.

I report daily to my mentor just sending a list to what I wan to achieve that day. The determination is quite strong and I am focussed on what I want to achieve. At times I can see myself adding a bit too much on my list especially when I know some aspects of it can be quite long. Being an all or nothing type of girl I really push the boundaries.

Pushing the boundaries sometimes had a negative effect. If I didn’t complete my list I would focus on that and not what I had achieved. part of my success journey is to turn my flaws into positive thoughts and actions. So if I put a lot on my to do list. I would just continue the left overs the next day. I recognise all what I have done and accept and note that I had a good day.

In all at the end of the second week I am feeling quite good. I have to try hard to silence the couple of things that I still need to add to my work book and of course starting my work on my business.

Don’t put unneccessary pressure on ourself in hope to turn out more work. as it can have the opposite effect.


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