90 day success challenge day 13

90 day success challenge day 13

I was in two minds as to whether I should post daily on my 90 day success challenge. Some parts of me say no where as the uniform, part of me says yes.


Time. TBH and whether or not I would have something to write. Writing a blog posts does not have to be an all day thing or even a few hours. If you know what you want to write and know how long how you want your post to be then adding it on a daily basis should be ok. How ever I want to write on other topics. Fitting this in was going to be a challenge in itself. The other issue I had was, if I had enough varied content. I knew that some or at least most of my days were going to be the same. So I convinced myself that I would have nothing to write.


My readers might be curious on how things are going with my challenge and if they are doing the challenge themselves they might find tips and ideas that I have written about,  that they can use on their challenge. Which to me is a good enough.

Also  writing it down will help me on my journey. To stay focused and motivated and document my journey as I go along.

There is always something to write.

The truth is there is always something to write. As each day can bring something different, no matter how small or insignificant that it may be like. For example I could write a post on how I am feeling or just generally how my day went or an update as to how my week went. Fear definitely has played a small hand here and doubting my abilities to be able to cope especially I now have a child at home and need to make time to entertain and spend some quality holiday time with him.

Setting yourself challenges can be a journey of self discovery.

Always be true to yourself and feelings. These can be an asset when you are looking to make changes in your life.


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Hi and welcome to my blog. I have been a writer from an early age and I am excited that I get to share my thoughts, my experiences with the world. From posts about lifestyle, home, fashion and being creative.

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