90 day success challenge day 12

90 day success challenge day 12

The days keep coming and I keep working. My daily routine is the same from day-to-day. Filming, editing and uploading and sharing my content. There are a  few things that I am eager to work on and one of them is my handmade business, Nithria. Although I really want to push on with this, a part of me strongly feels that I need to complete the tasks at hand. It has been almost two weeks and a part of me feels like I am not doing what I set out to do because I am spending a lot of time actually working on the 90 day success challenge. The point of this challenge is to get moving and in a different place with my projects and business. However, blogging and vlogging is new and for this part of it, it is working quite well.

There are a few things that I need to finish off and I shall be complete. Then things should be back to normal. (If there is such a thing). I have had to double up on some things like doing other vlogs and blogs post that is not related to my 90 day success challenge. One thing I did do was underestimate the amount of time preparation was needed. As this was a spur of the moment challenge I just went with it. Starting immediately, ensuring I do not talk myself out of it. With that, my preparation time has gone on longer than anticipated. This is due to the amount of extra work mainly filming that I did not think of.

This is all actually working quite well with my vlog and blog, but it also means I must have a solid plan when it comes to working on my handmade business. Alas this is all part of my journey  and journeys are about adventure and going into the unknown. If I was to dwell on this situation then I will most likely start to stray of the path and end up going back to my comfort zone, where it will continue to take me to nowhere.

Life has a series of the unexpected. Do not be afraid, but embrace and see where it takes you.


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