90 day success challenge day 11

90 day success challenge day 11Day 11 of my 90 day success challenge and I am filming away at my tutorials on my workbook journal. Along side that I have been working on idea’s for my vlogs and blogs post. The best thing about working on my 90 day success challenge is that ideas keep coming up and my workbook journal is something that I will like to implement  again after my 90 day success challenge. If you visit my vlogs page it will take you straight to my YouTube channel.  You will see  my Plan With Me series and making my 90 day success challenge a fun one.

No doubt that doing this challenge has its moments. Some days are easy to get through and others not so much. I keep the focus and I see the end goals and remind myself that I started this challenge to help me get my focus back and to move on from the level that I was stuck at.

Plan with me things to buy

What I have learnt is that patience is key and sometimes the paths on my journey takes me on other paths even though they are heading in same direction. It is sometimes tough to accept small changes like this especially when you are set in getting done what you set out. It only means that sometimes I have to re-plan. This is ok cause life is consistently changing and it is not a sign that things have gone wrong or you are not focused. It just means that opportunities, are presenting themselves even though sometimes it doesn’t always seem like it. They may not be shown to you fully, but preparing you for what’s to come.

Do not be afraid of change. Allow yourself to be open to things that can shape your course.



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