90 day success challenge day 9

90 day success challenge day 9

Day 9 of my 90 day success challenge. If you follow both of my instagram accounts Análaigh and Análaigh blog you will see that I have been particular busy working on my version of a working journal. In this journal I have developed a system that will help keep me motivated and to keep me on track with the work I am doing. Being a very creative person I love things that visually stimulate me. My journal is one of those things that I have created to help me do that. It is full of colour and washi tape (which I now have a reason to buy more).  I have thought about each page and worked it so that it will benefit me.


Ok then you can have a look , but please visit my YouTube channel and watch my tutorial and how I put it all together.

Doing it this way really relaxes me and keeps me grounded and focus. All too often I get thrown into a panic of how much I need to do and I end up throwing things onto scrap pieces of paper which is not very stimulating.

When you are embarking on a journey it should be fun. Having fun doesn’t mean that you are not taking it seriously it just means that you intend to enjoy your life and the journey/s you are on.

Be mindful to where you are heading and enjoy the moments that will come. Happiness starts with you right here right now.

Thanking for reading


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