90 day success challenge day 8

90 day success challenge day 8Day 8 of my official start to my 90 day success challenge I have spent the past 7 days prepping and organising and quite frankly I still go loads to do. When you start breaking everything down, it is amazing how much stuff you have got to work through. Now I have a lot of stuff and as I want to be working on all of it, it is going to take some time. Which is great because it gives me so much more to share with my readers and viewers.

With all my new content that  I have spilling out I can barely catch up with myself. My journey to say the least is an exciting one. I’ve been working harder with structure and a clear vision of where I am heading. When I usually work my clear vision becomes blurred and I find myself working hard for the sake of it. Let me explain further.

I would have set goals and I will start to work on my goals through a series of tasks. I would have two end results. The first result will be to complete the goals. It is the second goals that tends to throw me off and I start to lose my focus. The second goal would be the outcome of the completed goal. The results, which unfortunately more often than not does not get reached. With all the hard work put in and no outcome, instead of working on the second part of the goal until I see the outcomb I tend to give up.

What is different now?

Well it’s not like I do not know what I  have to do. I just get caught up on what I haven’t managed to achieve. The doubt and the fear starts to creep in and sends me spiraling to the bottom. What is different is my mind-set. I still have doubt and fear creep in but through smile therapy and a strong determination to succeed, I practice nipping it in the bud.

What is also different is that I am going to start enjoying my journey again, somewhere along the road I lost the lustre for it. I still enjoy what I do, but my mind kept focusing on the wrong things instead of the right things.  I wallowed way to much in self-pity and stayed angry too long at the things that frustrated me. So instead I’m making a conscious effort to not get so riled up so quickly. To focus on the outcome and what I can achieve by doing so. With this new attitude I shall see a turnaround in my life in no time and start to see success where I know is waiting for me to get it.

Thank you for reading.

Aspire to Inspire. Share your gift with the world and let your light shine.


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