90 day success challenge day 7

90 day success challenge day 7So there you have it or shall I say I have it. 90 day success challenge day 7. This day is the last day where my concentration on prep work has come to an end. That doesn’t mean I can not maneuver and change things around as my journey goes on, but it means I can not spend the remaining 83 days still planning my 90 day success challenge.

So here is what I have done so far. In no particular order of importance.

  1. Habit tracker
  2. Exercise regime
  3. My rituals
  4. Blog and vlog tracker
  5. Detailed plans on my business
  6. Scheduled days for self improvement
  7. List of things that I need to do everyday
  8. Setting goals and targets

I have put these strategies in place to ensure that I stay motivated and consistent. consistency is a massive game player in seeing the results and gaining the success that I want.

Over the next few weeks you will see blog  or vlog posts or even both on my progress on my 90 day success challenge. I will be giving tips and strategies on how you can also succeed in your own journey as you take up this challenge. As well as my 90 day challenge posts you will see other blog posts and vlog posts relating to my other topics.


Why I decided to have a mentor? Well from as long as I can remember I have had conversations with friends about getting a mentor to help me with my business. The money factor always cropped up and I also talked myself into believing that even if I had a mentor I would still probably fail at succeeding in the things I need to do, due to my stubbornness and the that none understands how my brain works.

What has changed now? I really, really want to see the end goal and to see different results than the results I have been getting these past 15 odd years. It is not that I haven’t been determined or willing or that I even tried, but my worse enemy is myself. I continually block my own success, especially when I know I am more than capable of reaching all my goals. I tend to stick to my safety zone, which is do not try so hard and you will not be disappointed. The fear of disappointment is real and terrifying and is a big success blocker. So I have enlisted a mentor to help keep me on track. I know there are rules about getting family members or friends but sometimes you have to work your life that is best for you. They know me and how I am and instinctively know how to deal when my hardheaded and stubbornness starts to kick in. I also need someone to occasionally remind me to keep positive and thow away self-doubt.

If you have to choose a mentor who is a friend or family member, you need to choose someone who you can trust that they will do the job that they need to do.  Someone who is on your side and wants to see you win in life. I understand that not everyone is fortunate to have that option. I believe if you put it out there and you want it really want it. Life has a way of making it happen. You have to be patient, have faith and always ready to take action.

That is it for day 7 of my 90 day success challenge. Check out my vlogs on my vlog page for fun and exciting new videos. Hair beauty, creative and more.




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