90 day success challenge day 6

90 day success challenge day 6

Day six and I am two days away from starting my 90 day success challenge. Or shall I say, two days away from putting everything into action. Lets recap. The first 7 days was never to begin straight away but to do my own personal groundwork. To evaluate and to assess my needs, wants, weaknesses and strengths. To look at the areas of my life that I need to work on and then follow-up with a plan of action.

There has been a lot of working out, research, writing and planning on this end. As well as doing that, I still have to keep on with the things that I need to do. I estimate that the first few weeks will be quite tough and I need to focus all my energy in getting through it and to persevere with this challenge. It can be so easy to start to feel doubtful, overwhelmed and fearful. These feelings are illusions to ensure that you slip back into your comfort zone where you are guaranteed not to accomplish the tasks that you set out for yourself.  Your first hurdle has not yet represented itself, but these emotions and feelings will come into play early. Do not fall for it. Your end goal is to succeed in the elements of your life that you have set for yourself.


Make sure that you have your vision firmly in front of you at all times. Know what you want and why you want it. Remind yourself what will happen if you do not focus and see your challenge through to the end. Remind yourself why you are here and also remember how you felt or feel because you feel unaccomplished, and not in the place where you want to be. Get in touch with these feelings. This is a good reminder that you do not want to continue feeling this way.


It was only yesterday I had a small feeling of uncertainty and talked myself down and out before I  even started. These thoughts always come at a time when I am about to make  big changes in my life. The pit of despair begins to open up and the negative thoughts and feelings begin to fly out at speed. This is to test to my will power and my focus. An overwhelming feeling starts its course and I begin to doubt my capabilities and strengths.


I pulled myself together and gave myself a good talking to. I sat up straight and started smiling. I call this smile therapy. When ever I  feel down, or starting to feel at a loss or incapable, I start off with a smile, I do not have a happy thought I just smile. It is just an action and that action works wonders and lifts my mood immediately. This is a habit that I definitely want to incorporate in my life and if you have not tried it, you should. Keep smiling until you start dancing in your seat and you are ready to go take action.


MUSIC is key in my life. Listening to house tracks leaves me uplifted. Sometimes it makes me start exercising and dancing which is great for my fitness not so great when I got work to do. Find what motivates you and let it keep your motivation and happiness levels up. Positive thinking is great but it is all in the actions that you take that gives you the positive results that you are after.


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