90 day success challenge day 4

90 day success challenge day 4

So I have reached day 4 of my 90 day success challenge. I have been working on bringing in good habits and rituals and working on my official 90 day challenge to do list. So let me tell you how I have been going about this.


I have written down the list of things I need to work on. I have talked about this in my vlogs so please click on my Vlog link in the menu of my site. I have written them down and split them into categories. I have also taken one category at a time and split them up into subcategories. I then began my step by step to success strategy where it will lead me to my completed end goals. Breaking your lists up can help keep you focused on what you need to do. In some cases there are smaller elements that need to be worked on, just for you to complete part of a full goal. Do not let this overwhelm you, these steps can be necessary for your success.


I then worked on some basic rituals. These are important to help me gain the success that I need. My rituals were broken up into  four parts of the day. Morning, afternoon, evening and night. Check out my YouTube page for my plan with me ritual. There you will see me create my own ritual visual page.


Habits yes habits. I have listed the habits that I need to break and replace them with good ones. Habits are great when they are good ones. Always identify the not so good ones and make a conscious effort to change them.


Do not sabotage yourself by not doing the ground work and your home work. Setting yourself challenges are great, however if you do not get in the preparation, your chances of succeeding are 0. Too many times I find myself rushing in, because I’m racing myself against the clock only to find that I end up with an over flowing backlog, because I have crashed and burned before I’ve even got to the first hurdle. So preparation is key.

Hope these tips help with you and your journey.

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