90 day success challenge day 2

90 day success challenge day 2I know, I know I am a day late with my 90 day success challenge. But trust me this isn’t signs of things to come. This is just a prime example of life having their own ideas. As I am writing this blog post, my Day 2 Vlog is currently being uploaded, even though this is day three. I left it uploading overnight and to my horror found it had only uploaded by 35%. So please check out my YouTube channel by clicking here or you can go straight to my vlog page where it will take you straight to my chanel.

So day 2 what have I been doing? Well I did a Vlog on things to think about before  you start your 90 day success. I go through what my weaknesses and strengths are and explain how vital it is to get some of the  issues sorted. I will touch on a couple of them, but please check out my vlog for the full video.


Ok so before I fully immerse myself with my 90 day success, there are  a few things that I really need to put into action.  Here is a list of some of them.

Constant visualisation. This is key to gaining success. I don’t lack visualisation, but do lack consistent visualisation. Without it, my energy and efforts to going after what I want is non-existent.

Finding my big why. My why has always been simple basic and obvious. This is because I’ve been conditioned to think that you work to gain the obvious and big things don’t really happen to you.

Breaking bad habits and creating good ones. This is something that I really need to start getting the hang of, especially if I want to get through my 90 days.

To find out more checkout my Vlog.

I’ve also created a worksheet to help me get through this challenge. Spending time doing the ground work is so important when starting any task, goal or challenge. It will save you so much time and lessen frustrations. 90 day success challenge worksheet cover

Please stay connected and follow my Blog and Vlog so you don’t miss out on my progress and updates. Feel free to share your progress if you have taken up this challenge.

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