90 day success challenge day 1

90 day success challenge day 1So I awoke in my bed the same as always. The same to do list that I cannot seem to get down and something new added every single day. I did not want to start this day  Tuesday July 19th 2016 the same as all the rest. This day has to be different. This isn’t the first time that I woke up feeling that things are not right and their needs to be a drastic shift in my life, but today was the day. This day I have had enough. There comes a time in your life when you hit bottom and you think that this is the day when you are going to do something about it, but instead there is still more bottom. 10 years later you start to believe is there any kind of bottom because you have not reached it yet. In my case I think that my bottom has me floating, not going down any further but not making any head way to the top. The problems and frustrations just keep changing, but they are not drastic to view it as a new bottom so I stay floating. New things enter my life, good things as well as not so good things, and it may seem like my life is better, but really it isn’t. I always convince myself that it is because I have achieved something really good, that I haven’t achieved before. But you now what. SO WHAT! Because the end results just keeps me floating at the bottom. In light of this I saw a vision, a vision called Day 1.

DAY 1. This is where it was going to change. This is where all those, to do lists were going to get done. Where the years of backlog of work was going to get caught up. Where, hobbies or new skill sets that I wanted to achieve are started and completed. It is where the self improvements are going to be made the excuses crushed and the focus set to get the results that I want.

DAY 1. Marks the day where my 90 day success begins. Where I will  see my to do  lists completed, new skills learnt, hobbies picked up and business thriving.


  1. Great at making lists
  2. Great at scheduling
  3. Great at knowing what I want


  1. Rubbish at implementing them
  2. Rubbish at completing them
  3. Consistency
  4. Allowing barriers to slow me down or stop me



  1. Stay focus
  2. Be consistent no matter what
  3. Regain focus when anything goes wrong
  4. Keep the end goal in mind


Well I have identified what my strengths and weaknesses are and that is always the first step you need to make when you want to make positive changes in your life. Create new habits, whilst breaking bad ones, I posted a piece about it a few weeks ago. You can read it here.

Before I start, I need a motivational tool. What has popped up over and over again is finding the why in  your life. Why is it important for you to do this? I’m not talking about the obvious like paying bills. It needs to be something bigger.  What is your why? This will be a great motivational tool to help you achieve the results you need.

  1. Make a complete list of everything that needs to done. I mean everything, even it is from years back. I am only talking about the ones that still pop into your head.
  2. Break it down into categories. I.e business, social, work, home etc.
  3. Rewrite them in order of importance for each of your categories.
  4. (This is an option) Put them in a  list of importance collectively.
  5. Add deadlines to your lists.
  6. For bigger lists, break them down and schedule them over a period of time.
  7. Make it visually appealing to motivate you.
  8. Don’t wait for a Monday start now.


Follow my progress on my 90 day success challenge here on my blog and on my my vlog on YouTube Analaigh Blog


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