Breaking the habit

Breaking the habit coverSometimes my best topics for when writing my blog, come from when I am instantly going through something. I have just finished putting a second layer of paint on 12 square canvases for a feature wall for my sons bedroom. I didn’t plan to blog today, but had a sudden urge to write. This kind of messes up my plans for today as this is a shorter day for me as it is choir day. As I type this I immediately put on ‘Breaking the habit’ by Linkin Park. ( One of my fav bands) Very suited for this topic.

Anyway. I was laying in my bed, with my phone in my hand. I switched onto instagram and began looking at pictures. Usually I look at pictures that inspire me, nature, love, interior design, exterior design, art work etc. This is all good but after a morning in morning out, week after week month after month it’s starting to turn into a habit and an excuse not to get out of bed and to start my day early.


The real problem is that  my sleep pattern is really messed up. My body would automatically get up between 5.00am and 5.45am, way too early if I did not plan to get up at that time. This is a great time really to get up to go for a run, have breakfast and then be ready to start my day at 6.30am. Believe me I can really benefit from having days like this. However when I get up I am really, really tired and have no energy to get up. My body is just glued to the bed and my brain is too tired to focus. I will reach for my phone and sigh hoping that the time would be 7.00am. That being said I can’t seem to fall asleep straight away so I end up on my phone until I drop off, but when I do, I sleep in batches of minutes. Sometimes I might get a solid hour.



This morning was no different, body got up early I reached for the phone and I started looking at pictures on instagram. Then the busyness of my week dawned on me. I was already behind on what I wanted to do. I am not at home from about 4.00pm / 4.30pm and I will not be back till late. I had cushions to make, paintings to finish, a craft room , that never saw the end of reorganising so I now have to tidy up and then pick up the reorganising again. Dinner to cook, a really messy kitchen to clean and the list goes on. So I jumped out of bed, did my morning stretch, got dressed and headed for my craft room. I did an instagram post on the progress of my paintings and started painting again.

With all of this going on, the message kept on ringing in my head, to be successful and to get ahead you need to start thinking about your habits and start breaking them.

So from today I will be focusing on this. Knowing it will be a hard road but a road that needs to be taken. For me to have a chance to be successful I first have to find a system that will work for me.

I will be back to share this system, so in the meantime, follow my blog and sign up for some exclusive free downloads.


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