Makeup save up

makeup save up 2

Makeup, is here and here to stay. Whether you like to wear a full face, just lipstick, just mascara, or if you only wear make up for special occasions. You will have probably purchased makeup at least a few times in any one year. With the increase in blogs and vlogs, and the ability to do your make up yourself with some really good results, beauty and products is pretty much a top trending topic. As well as your known brands, celebrities are coming out with their own.

Makeup can range from £0.99 to £200000 and more. (But they tend to have diamonds etc.) So makeup is affordable for pretty much everyone. The way people choose or buy their makeup can sometimes be related to how much money they hold in their purse. For others it could be a matter of priority in one’s life so they make sure that they can purchase the brand or brands they want.

At times you feel as though you are the only one who isn’t getting any. The moment you decided to buy that lipstick or mascara or highlighter something comes along to sap that money. Making things a priority can be hard if it is not a necessity. There is always a solution to any problem. You just have to be willing and determined. I know it is a lot easier to type than to do, but lets face it how are you ever going to get there.

You just have to be willing and determined.

Why lose out to something you want, when so many manage to get their hands on it. It may seem unfair, but it really isn’t about fair it is about planning and thinking ahead. We want things yesterday well guess what that way isn’t suited for everyone. So stop getting yourself into financial trouble and get sensible.


lipstick 2
Get that lipstick
  1. Make a conscious decision that you are going to do this.
  2. Download my saving banner. Make savings fun. Click here.
  3. Get a jar or empty container and either stick the banner in the inside or stick it on the outside and then decorate. Or make your own banner.
  4. Either
    • Make a regular savings per week. £1, £2 etc
    • Empty your change from your purse into your savings jar every week.
  5. By the end of the month you will be closer to purchasing your product.

Saving Jar


If you are visually stimulated why not download my chart and add stickers or colour when you reach your goal. Click ImageMAKE UP SAVINGS CHART

Happy saving. Go get that makeup.

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